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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Week 7: How To Complete The Challenges

Credit: Epic Games

With a new week of Fortnite already underway, there are plenty of tasks to take on and plenty of battle pass experience to get; this is especially essential for those who have already invested in the battle pass as we get closer to the conclusion of the season.

Each of the tasks we’ve solved for you below will provide 15,000 experience points, which is a significant boost to your leveling. Just follow the steps we’ve provided below and you’ll be set for another week.

  • Use a wide variety of consumable items in a single game.

Although eating things is an option, tossing them is far more exciting. Tilted Towers’ green cardboard boxes conceal an array of fresh produce. You may easily finish this task by just tossing them about once you get them.

  • Keep the first weapon you collect until you reach the top 20 players

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that you discover a decent one. When there are less than 20 players remaining, you must hold on to the first weapon you found until the end of the game. Fortunately, you may swap it out for a better one after you reach the top 20 and get access to more inventory spaces. Just keep holding on to it for a little time.

  • Crack three opponents’ shields

Quite simply, this is a difficulty that can be readily met. To prevent incurring damage in combat, enemies will try to put up shields; to defeat them, you must first break through their defenses. I mean literally with bullets. If you can accomplish it to three opponents, you’ll win.

  • Deal damage to an airborne opponent

Another one where all you have to do is strike your foes while they’re in the air to win. In combat, enemies often leap to dodge shots, but if you keep your aim steady and have access to a large supply of ammunition, you may swiftly inflict the damage you need to win.

  • Destroy 20 buildings with a Baller.

The Baller is the name often given to the vehicle that may be obtained from Rave Cave. Maintain a high rate of speed and you’ll be able to smash past most of the obstacles in your path. To do this, just demolish 20 buildings.

  • Perform an aerial 360 spin while dismounting a Wolf or Boar

You can ride a charging Wolf or Boar across the battlefield if you time your mount-up correctly. Simply leap off the animal while spinning around to finish the task. Once you get up there, it’s a piece of cake.

  • Stop the music at Rave Cave

The party in the cave cannot continue in its current form, but turning off the music is not the solution.

In order to turn off the music in Fortnite’s RAVE CAVE, follow these steps:

If you find yourself within the Rave Cave and near the DJ table, be sure to take out the table and any speakers in the immediate area, especially those perched on scaffolding. Obviously, after they’re all gone, the music will cease. If you want to silence a song in real life, please resort to more traditional means.