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Fortnite: Check Out the Early Patch Notes for the Massive 21.30 Update – New Skins, an Important Summer Event, and More

Source: Epic Games

The entire Fortnite community is waiting to see some Dragon Ball-related content in the battle royale game, but that will most likely happen next month. But even so, there’s hope that the new 21.30 update that landed on Fortnite yesterday, July 18, has also brought some elements of the highly-popular anime.

What’s for sure is that the new Fortnite update is a massive one! There’s a new video by the “Happy Power” YouTube channel that tells us pretty much everything there is to know about the new update:

Considering that summer is already here, the game is getting a lot of summer-related content.

Reliable Twitter user @ShiinaBR reveals a lot about what to expect in the v21.30 update of Fortnite:

  • Map changes
  • New Weeklys added to files
  • Summer challenges
  • Summer Event Skins
  • Free ‘Xander’ skin
  • A new weapon or unvault
  • Some Dragon Ball-related stuff, as we also said previously

With the new update, Epic Games seem to give players the chance to know each other better! A lot of people made friends through gaming, and Fortnite gamers can’t possibly represent exceptions. There’s a lot of teamwork in the famous battle royale title, and you probably know the drill very well: the last man standing wins the round!

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the v21.30 update also gives other players the chance to see on which island you’re playing your part in the game.

As for the Dragon Ball crossover, we can surely expect to see a Goku skin in Fortnite. Dragon Ball without the beloved Saiyan surely wouldn’t be Dragon Ball anymore! It would be like Pokemon without Pikachu! We’re even expecting to see Goku when he was a kid. That would surely be a lot of fun since he has been a very goofy but strong child!