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Fortnite is Getting a Spectator Mode in February


Everyone thought that Fortnite was just a trend and that the game will lose all its popularity in under a year. Well, it looks everyone was wrong. Fortnite is much more than a simple trend and the game’s popularity keeps growing every single day. In fact, there are so many people who play Fortnite that Netflix has admitted that Fortnite is its biggest threat and not other streaming services such as HBO Go or Hulu.

Nonetheless, the reason why Fortnite keeps getting bigger is simple. The game is always improving through a constant stream of regular updates that Epic Games releases on a weekly basis. Talking about Fortnite updates, Epic Games is reportedly working on a spectator mode for the game.

Fortnite Spectator Mode

Fortnite is packed with tons of features, but the one that it’s missing right now is a spectator mode. From the looks of it, Epic Games who is the developer behind the massive hit knows that players are asking for a spectator mode and it is already working on one.

Epic Games has sent out multiple invites to content creators from YouTube and Twitch to attend a private event. The event takes place in Los Angeles, California and it’s where the features of the new spectator mode will be showcased.

Private Los Angeles Event

From what we can tell, the spectator mode is in beta right now and Epic Games is adding the finishing touches. What’s great about this is that Fortnite is asking content creators who love the game to come and see it so that they can offer some insight. Let’s hope that other gaming companies see this and realize that the best advice that they can get is from their pro players.

Expected Release Date

Even though Epic Games has yet to announce an official release date for the spectator mode, we believe that it will arrive at the end of February. The private Los Angeles event takes place in the first week of February and after the testing phase is done, the mode will be released through an OTA (over the air) update.