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Fortnite Patch v6.10 Introduces In-Game Tournaments and Much More


Epic Games has announced some amazing news today! Patch v6.10 is going to arrive at 4 AM ET / 1 AM PT today (October 16th) and it will introduce a bunch of new features and bug fixes that improve the game’s overall player experience. The cool thing about the new update is the fact that it introduces in-game tournaments.

Fortnite Patch v6.10 is Out

The patch is rolling out OTA (over the air) right now and everyone who plays Fortnite should be happy to know that it brings in-game tournaments with it. This is a cool feature that gives players something new to do other and new ways to earn prizes.

In-Game Tournaments

The in-game tournaments let players compete against each other and they are themed after Salty Springs, Tomato Temple, and Friday Night Fortnite Squad. What’s amazing about the new in-game tournaments is that they feature cross-play support which means that Xbox One players will be able to compete against their friends who own a Nintendo Switch. Nonetheless, let’s see what are some of the other gameplay changes that the new update brings.

Gameplay Changes

  • Removed all Common weapons;
  • Reduced max spawn distance by 20%;
  • Reduced all bandage spawns by 50%;
  • Increased the variability of where you can spawn by 30% along your sides storm circle;
  • Brought in the side dance floors closers to the Storm edge.

Weapons and Items Changes

  • The Port-a-Fortress is now disabled until some bugs get fixed;
  • The drop rate for Port-a-Fort has been increased from 3.05% to 4.89% while the Port-a-Fort is disabled;
  • Guided Missile will no longer fire in the wrong direction;
  • Weapon equip animations no longer skip when simultaneously attempting to sprint and target;
  • Players will no longer permanently attach to a Supply Drop when grappling to it.