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Fortnite YouTuber Enrages Dragon Ball Fans With His “Kameyamama”

Credit: Epic Games

It’s not a secret to anyone that Dragon Ball fanboys are easy to get pissed off. Just mock their favorite characters or their attacks, and you’re done. With the crossover between Fortnite and Dragon Ball, many people say their dream come true. Many started to become obsessed with the controller in order to move around Goku or Vegeta across Fortnite’s map. As for others, it was a good opportunity for trolling.

The ‘Kamehameha’ wave is the most iconic technique in Dragon Ball. Goku has been using it ever since he was a little boy. Master Roshi taught Goku the technique. Other characters such as Yamcha and Krillin can also do it, as they were taught by the same master. Gohan can do it too, and he most probably learned it from his father.

Sean Schemmel reacts to “Kameyamama”

Dagwummy, a Fortnite YouTuber, thought that it’s a good idea to troll the Dragon Ball fans by mispronouncing Goku’s favorite attack. Instead of ‘Kamehameha,’ he pronounced “Kameyamama,” causing a lot of anger and laughter across the internet.

The guy admits that he has trolled the community on purpose. Check it out for yourself below:

While many Dragon Ball fans perceived the man’s joke as blasphemy, others weren’t so upset.

Sean Schemmel, the actor who makes Goku’s voice in the English dub version, used the misspelling to come up with a funny joke of his own via Twitter:

The “Kamiamama” is Kami’s mama?

Exactly as the rumors were claiming, the Dragon Ball x Fortnite crossover represented the addition of four characters from the Japanese franchise: Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma.

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