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GTA Online Criminal Enterprises DLC: 4 Cars To Get Excited About

Credit: Rockstar

As part of the update, Rockstar Games has introduced a number of freebies, events, and features, one of which is a selection of brand new automobiles. Even though over half of the expected automobiles have been released, fans are still waiting for the other half.

New cars from Legendary Motorsports, Southern San Andreas Super Autos, and Benny’s Original Motor Works will be available in the Criminal Enterprises downloadable content. Some of the best cars in the game are still being worked on and will be available soon.

The 10F Widebody

The 10F Widebody is an improved version of the Obey 10F, and its name indicates that it would be physically larger than its predecessor. Cargo capacity is 2, and it will have a 7-speed transmission and drive on the back wheels. Benny’s Original Motor Works in GTA Online charges $575k for the Widebody modification of the original 10F. After that time, it may be sold for 60% of what you paid for it. It is expected that this sports automobile would be the last vehicle included to the DLC.

Declasse Vigero ZX

With room for two players, the Declasse Vigero ZX is a muscle automobile available in Grand Theft Auto Online. The vehicle is anticipated to have a high maximum speed due to the engine’s 6-speed transmission and rear-wheel drive. On Southern San Andreas Super Autos, the car will cost $1,947,000. It will come with the option to upgrade at Hao’s Special Works and will sport a variety of different liveries. It seems like a Chevrolet Camaro from the sixth generation served as the basis for this vehicle.

The Sentinel Classic Widebody

The Sentinel Classic Widebody, a modified sports vehicle by Ubermacht based on the Sentinel Classic from GTA Online. It has a rear-wheel drivetrain and a 5-speed transmission and can only seat two people. Benny’s Original Motor Works, where you may update your classic Sentinel into the Widebody variant, will charge you $700,000. The BMW M3 E30 LTO serves as a major inspiration for this automobile.


GTA Online’s next Criminal Enterprises update will also include the automobile Ubermacht Rhinehart. It has room for four people within its roomy cabin, and its engine is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. For $1,598,000, you may purchase one from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website; its appearance is heavily inspired by the BMW 3 Series Touring (G21).