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Galaxy S23 Base Storage: Leakers Provide Contradictory Storage Versions


The long-awaited public presentation of Samsung’s Galaxy S23 is drawing near. Nearly all of the Galaxy flagship trio’s individual specifications have been made public in advance. Today, a new claim provides further specifics to the fundamental storage setup, stating that the capacity might be increased by 100%. However, there are significant contradictions among the various sources.

Information that has been leaked in the past indicates that the South Korean company will continue to provide just one variant of the Galaxy S23 with 8 GB of RAM memory. The good news is that Samsung may be capable to use a faster form of RAM called LPDDR5X. This may result in a minor increase in speed as well as improved RAM management for the pair.

New reports

In spite of the advent of better quality camera features such as 8K video, Samsung has maintained the beginning storage capacity on the Galaxy S range at 128 GB for many years now. A persistent leaker who has a mixed track record in terms of accuracy has made the claim that Samsung would alter its configuration for the Galaxy S23 and S23+ by introducing a basic model with 256 GB of storage space.

It is reasonable to expect that some markets, such as the United States of America, will have exclusive rights to sell the various configurations of the Galaxy S23 (Plus). In addition, it is probable that the source is referring to a special sale in which Samsung is offering a free increase to the amount of internal storage space for pre-orders. In the same vein, it is not yet known whether or not Samsung will provide a storage option of 512 gigabytes this year.

In contrast to the first story, a second anonymous source thinks that Samsung will continue to make the Galaxy S23 (Plus) available with 128 GB of internal storage space. In addition, he said that the Galaxy S23 Ultra would be the only model that will be able to take use of a more advanced storage configuration of 256 GB. The latter is also expanding its storage options to include up to 512 GB or 1 TB, in addition to 12 GB of RAM.