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Galaxy Watch Active 2 is Launching with Improved ECG Sensor and It’s Still Cheaper than Apple Watch Series 4


It’s been six months since Samsung officially revealed the new Galaxy Watch Active 2 and a new sequel is going to launch alongside the much-anticipated Galaxy Note 10. Samsung has announced that it will launch Galaxy Note 10 during one of its Unpacked Events and to make things even better, Samsung is going to introduce the second cycle of Galaxy Watch Active 2 that will be $80 more expensive than the first version.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 – Improved Features

The new version of Galaxy Watch Active 2 ships with a bunch of cool features that the original model lacks such as the brand-new ECG sensor, improved heart rate monitor and accelerometer. There will also be an LTE version of the smartwatch but Samsung has yet to announce how much this premium model will cost.

New ECG Sensor

As previously mentioned, Galaxy Watch Active 2 will ship with a new ECG sensor. While this sensor might not be medically cleared, it still delivers accurate information that is similar to the one provided by Apple’s popular Watch Series 4. However, considering how much cheaper Galaxy Watch Active 2 is in comparison with Watch Series 4, then we think it’s safe to say that Samsung fans are getting a great deal.

Sleek Design

Another great thing about the new Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the fact that it comes with a handful of design upgrades. First off, the smartwatch will be available in 40mm ($280) and 44mm ($300) models. However, the highlight of Galaxy Watch Active 2’s design is the rounder design which makes it look like a next-generation version of Apple’s Watch Series 4.

Google Translate

The last thing that we want to mention about Samsung’s new smartwatch is that it comes with Google Translate pre-installed on it. This is a great feature and Galaxy Watch Active 2 users who travel the world often will find it quite useful.