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Nintendo Switch Lite FCC Report Reveals Powerful Battery


News of Nintendo Switch Lite leaked on the web a couple of months ago and now, we finally have some official confirmation about the upcoming gaming console. Nintendo Switch Lite has been spotted in an FCC report which means two things. First off, Nintendo is planning to launch the upcoming Lite version of its popular gaming console during the upcoming months and secondly that we get to see what are some of Nintendo Switch Lite’s key hardware specs.

The FCC Report

The highlight of the FCC report is that it reveals Nintendo Switch Lite’s 13.6 watt-hours (Wh) battery. This is 16 percent smaller than the 16W battery that is used on the regular Nintendo Switch model. The interesting thing about this is that the battery used in the Lite model doesn’t look too different than the one used on the original model.

Better Battery Life

Nintendo is promising that the battery life of Nintendo Switch Lite is going to be much better than the original Switch. While the tech giant didn’t exactly reveal for how long the battery will be able to last, it did say that we can expect a couple of more hours in comparison with the original model.

The reason why Nintendo is able to pull more battery life from Nintendo Switch Lite is that obviously, the gaming console is smaller and thus it requires less battery power in order to run at peak performance levels. The display is significantly smaller and not just that, but the non-removable Joy-Con controllers don’t need to be charged by the battery.

Final Words

Considering the fact that Nintendo Switch Lite will be a fully portable gaming console, then we think it’s safe to say that Nintendo is doing a great job of focusing on the battery power. What good would a portable gaming console be if its battery life would run out in one hour?