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Garmin Fenix Plus 5 New Feature Saves Offline Spotify Playlists


No one believed that smartwatches were going to become a success a couple of years ago when they were first released because they are expensive and people already have smartphones in their pockets. However, the smartwatch industry became a massive success and companies such as Garmin, Samsung and Apple are generating millions of dollars in profits as a result of that.

Save Offline Spotify Playlists

Garmin was one of the first companies to revolutionize the smartwatch industry and its now leading the market with Fenix 5 Plus. This is the latest smartwatch from Garmin it represents the company’s best device available for purchase.

Nonetheless, the reason why Fenix 5 Plus is making headlines today is because the smartwatch is now able to save Spotify playlists for offline listening.

New Update Fenix 5 Plus Update

This cool feature is being rolled out OTA (over the air) through a new update that all Fenix 5 Plus owners can download. Furthermore, Fenix 5 Plus owners will be able to sign in to Spotify with their Premium accounts and then save all their favorite playlists for offline listening.

While this might not sound like such a groundbreaking feature, it’s actually quite important. The fact that Fenix 5 Plus owners can listen to their favorite Spotify playlists while offline means that they don’t have to worry about getting an internet connection whenever they go out running. This feature will prove to be quite useful for people who enjoy outdoor activities.

Where to Find the Spotify App?

If any Fenix 5 Plus owners have yet to download the Spotify app, they should be happy to know that they can find it right in the Connect IQ store. Therefore, downloading the app and signing in with their Premium account only takes two minutes.