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New VidMate 3.54303 Update Adds Bug Fixes for Better Performances


VidMate is an excellent app to have since it makes it possible for people to download every online video that they want. The cool thing about VidMate is the fact that it can download online videos even from websites that don’t allow users to do this. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that VidMate is not available on the official Google Play Store.

Since VidMate can download videos from websites that don’t want this to happen, the app goes against the Terms of Service of those websites and this is why Google doesn’t want to add it to the Play Store. Fortunately, VidMate can always be downloaded from APK websites for free. Talking about APKs, a brand-new update for VidMate has just been released.

VidMate 3.54303 APK Update

One of the best things about VidMate is the attention that it gets from its developers. The app is receiving new APK updates every other week and all of them are packed with software tweaks and bug fixes that improve VidMate’s overall performances.

What’s New?

Even though some VidMate fans might be disappointed to hear this, the new 3.54303 APK doesn’t introduce any new features. On the bright side of things, the new APK update does come with a handful of bug fixes that reduce the app’s chance to crash while downloading videos.

Download Online Videos for Maximum Entertainment

The reason why VidMate is so popular in the Android community is that its features make it impossible for people to ever get bored again. Being able to download online videos means that people get access to an endless source of content that they can watch whenever they want, even though their smartphones might not be connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. This is the magic of VidMate.