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Get Dozens of Management Certifications under One Roof with PMI PMP


The Project Management Institute offers many certifications related to management. A prominent and popular credential offered by the institute is Project Management Professional (PMP). This certificate allows many individuals to lead and take charge of their projects. By attaining it, you ensure companies that you are able to achieve a task given within time and budget while maintaining the quality. This is a globally recognized certification, which also enhances yourjob opportunities.

Certification Overview

This credential in project management proves to your employers that you have the knowledge and skills to run a project. Most government companies and organizations in the commercial sector prefer those individuals who are PMP certified as this guarantees that their task is directed by the best specialists in the field. A project management job is not restricted to a geographical area; thus, the certification is not vendor limited and can be applied in any sector anywhere in the world.With the PMI PMP certificate, you learn more about your industry. You also gain knowledge about the business industry and any new developments within it. It allows you to grow your previous skills and learn new and interesting ways to implement them.



Although there isn’t much required for this certification, it has some criteria for eligibility. This includes having a secondary degree, which means any High School diploma, an associate’s degree, or the international equivalent. You should have at least 7500 hours of directing projects. Furthermore, have a minimum of 35 hours working in project management. Nevertheless, an alternative for this criteria is also having a 4-year degree, having 4500 of leading and directing projects and 35 hours of work related to project management.

Exam Preparation

The PMP certification exam comes with 200 multiple-choice questions. It can be challenging when you try to grasp so much different information in a few months. Although PMP does not have an in-depth course, there are only 5 domains that require your attention. There are a number of ways you can begin to study for your PMI certification.It may be a matter of preference if you want to study online or through the help of someone more experienced Get PassLeader FREE.

PMI has initiated various methods online to help you get started with your exam preparation. Try to analyze the information on their official website to help you be more organized and keep track of the domains you cover.

  • PMP handbook: It is a .pdf file given on the website for more information and tactics on how to approach the certification process. It involves intricate details of what you should keep in mind while taking the exam.
  • Practice questions:Any exam requires you to have some knowledge and practice. The more you practice, the better result you receive. That is why PMI offers a file for sample questions that can be accessed by the candidates to develop a better understanding. These practice questions benefit you by helping you get used to the format. Thus, the instituteprovides a practical means of studying.
  • Online courses:There is also a range of courses. You can enroll and get a study session. You may even want to refer to self-study books by the Registered Education Provider (R.E.P). There are also additional sources of information you can get through “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge”, or “PMBOK Guide”.

However, if studying online is not your forte you can always have extra help from tutoring services that teach through a different method.

Application Process

Applying for your PMI PMP certification is a quick and painless process and they have a customer care department that you can call anytime when you don’t understand a particular aspect of the application process. The application is presented as an online form that you will be required to fill with various details, such as personal information, contact information, your education details, your employment details andetc. Before you start, it is recommended that you check the eligibility criteria for the certification.

Once you have started the process, you will not be able to cancel it although you can leave it unfinished and come back to where you left it within 90 days. You are required to provide your unique and current email address because this is the only form through which PMI will be contacting you regarding your certification or any other reminders they would like to issue. The application also requires you to record your experience that makes you eligible to apply for this credential. This means you will need to mention all the details of leading or directing projects such as the number of hours you worked, etc. This application process is done entirely online, so it makes it hassle-free. The processing time for your application may take up to 5 calendar days. This time does not apply if it has been selected for an audit.

The audit process and its selection are completely random and at the discretion of PMI. If your application has been chosen for an audit, you will be notified by email and be required to comply with its terms and conditions. During this process you will be asked to provide copies of your education degree/diploma that you mentioned in your application, verification signatures from your supervisor or manager for the experience you recorded and copies of letters and/or certificates you received from your training institution of the courses you recorded.

Assessment Criteria

When you write your PMP exam you are evaluated with respect to 2 major aspects: your experience and your education related to project management. They check the amount of work you have previously done, what role you played in those projects and what was the outcome ofthem. If you received a bachelor or master degree in project management, this may give you a greater advantage.One part of the exam includes questions relating to the real environment. These will be scenario-based questions and you will be judged on your ability to understand and find solutions to problems faced on a regular project. These problems will test your management skills, your leadership and your problem-solving mechanisms.


To conclude, if you are looking to excel in the management field and want to add something extra to your resume that will not only let you grow in your career but also help you with leaving a good impression, then the PMI PMP certification is the right choice.