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Gmail 2020.01.23.291284404 Update for Android – Check Out the Latest Improvements


When it comes to apps that are considered as “must-haves” on all smartphones, an email organizer is certainly one of them. The great thing about email organizers is that there are many options to pick from with Gmail being the most popular choice. Gmail is used by tens of millions of users every single day and there is a good reason behind that. Gmail provides a premium user experience that is bundled with a plethora of features that make it much easier for users to organize their emails.

Even though the features that Gmail offers are amazing, this is not why the app is making headlines on our website. Today we want to present the latest update for Gmail which sports the 2020.01.23.291284404 version number. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Gmail 2020.01.23.291284404 Update

If you enjoy using Gmail on your smartphone, then we have some great news to share with you. As previously noted, the developers who are in charge of Gmail have published a new update. The update is changing Gmail’s version number to 2020.01.23.291284404 and it is available to download via over the air channels. This means that the only thing Gmail fans are required to do in order to access the update is to keep their smartphones connected to Wi-Fi.

What’s New?

Some Gmail fans might be disappointed to find out that the new update for the email organizer doesn’t come with any exciting features. However, the update makes up for the lack of features by focusing on improving the overall user experience and software performances of Gmail.

The way that the new update does that is by introducing a handful of bug fixes and “under the hood” software tweaks that are boosting the overall speed and stability of Gmail.