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Google is Shutting Down the Nearby Locations Feature


The thing that makes Google stand out when compared to other software companies is the fact that Google is willing to take a risk. The Android parent is always developing innovative features and they don’t always make it, but the ones that do are amazing.

A great example of this is beacons. This feature lets real-life objects interact with Android smartphones and inform them of deals, sales and all types of events. While this feature might sound great, Android users are complaining that it fills their smartphones with spam.

Google Announces the Removal of Nearby Notifications

Beacons worked through a feature called Nearby Notification and the idea behind it was great. Google wanted to give shop owners a way to advertise their products, museums a way to advertise events and so on.

Unfortunately, the feature started being used by too many businesses and Android fans are complaining that they don’t like it. On the bright side of things, Google is always paying attention to the feedback that Android users are sending in and it announced that Nearby Notifications are going to be removed.

Public Statement

“Our goal was to bring relevant and engaging content to users – to provide useful information proactively. Developers have leveraged this technology to let users know about free Wi-Fi nearby, provide guides while in a museum, and list transit schedules at bus stops. Ultimately, we have determined these notifications did not meet that bar. As a result, we have decided to discontinue support for Nearby Notifications. We will stop serving Nearby Notifications on December 6th, 2018” said Google about removing Nearby Notifications.

Always Improving

We think it’s safe to say that Google showed once again that its goal for the Android operating system is to offer a premium user experience and that Google is never going to stop improving it through software updates.