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TubeMate – The Art of Downloading Online Videos


If you ever wished you could download online videos, then you should be happy to know that you can actually do that. Even though websites might not allow you to do this, there is an app that adds a “Download” button next to every interesting video that you might want to watch offline. The app is called TubeMate and today we are going to take a closer look at the best features that it has to offer.

Online Videos

Before we get into the best features that TubeMate has to offer we need to talk a bit about online videos. The reason why TubeMate is slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular Android apps available on the web is because it basically gives users access to an endless source of video entertainment.

As we all know, there are hundreds of websites where new and exciting videos are being uploaded each day. The fact that TubeMate can download them means that its users will find it impossible to ever get bored again when they need to sit shotgun during a long ride, fly in an airplane or even commute to work/school with public transportation.

Watch Online Content While Offline

We think we made it clear that TubeMate can download videos. However, this is not the coolest part about TubeMate. What’s awesome about TubeMate is that it can download videos from any websites! Yes, you read that right. Installing TubeMate on your smartphone means that you will be able to download your favorite videos no matter where they may be uploaded on.

Fast Download Speeds

To make things even better, TubeMate can download online videos in a matter of seconds. Obviously, the size and the quality of the video might impact the ETA (estimated time of arrival) required for the file to download, but this can always be changed by accessing the video preferences options and choosing a lower quality so that the video can be downloaded faster.

Simple to Use

One of the primary reasons why TubeMate is becoming so popular in the Android community is because its simple to use. Everyone who wants to download online videos and watch them while offline can do it with a couple taps of the screen. The simplicity of TubeMate’s UI (user interface) is one of the biggest benefits that this app has to bring to the table.

Download Free Music

Another amazing thing about TubeMate is that it doesn’t restrict users to only download online videos. TubeMate can also download free music, but there’s a trick to this. TubeMate users can download the latest music videos from the internet and then convert them to simple MP3 tracks by using the app’s built-in MP3 converter. Therefore, TubeMate users will be able to expand their music library whenever they want without having to pay any money.

TubeMate is Free to Use!

Talking about spending money, you might be surprised to find out that TubeMate is free to use. Even though TubeMate is a premium app that receives constant updates which improve the performances that it offers, the developers of the app have not placed a price tag on it. Add up the fact that TubeMate can also download free music and the app becomes priceless.

Constant Software Updates

The last thing we want to mention about TubeMate is the fact that the app’s developers are constantly looking for new ways to improve the app through software updates. Therefore, TubeMate users need to always be on the lookout and check to see if the developers have released any APK updates.