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VidMate vs InsTube Video Player – The Best Video Downloaders


One of the best things about always carrying a smartphone in your pocket is getting to access online videos. There is an unlimited source of online videos that people can stream whenever they feel bored in order to keep themselves entertained. On the downsides of things, online video streaming is a double-edged sword. The reason why we are saying this is because while streaming online videos might be a great way to pass up free time, it’s impossible to do it without a stable internet connection. Fortunately, here is video downloaders come in and save the day.

Download Online Videos

Even though video streaming platforms are not providing users with a way to download online videos, there is an alternative route to this. There are multiple apps which specialize in downloading online videos and two of the best ones are VidMate and InsTube. What makes these two apps stand out from their peers is the fact that they both excel at download online videos in record time and that they can take down content from a multitude of websites, thus providing users with an unlimited source of videos that they can watch while offline.

Nonetheless, today we want to present the top features that these two apps have to offer and pin them against each other in order to see which one comes out on top. It will be difficult to pick a winner between VidMate and InsTube because they both offer premium user experiences, but we can be sure that there will be something to set them apart.


What makes VidMate special is the fact that it can download online videos at really fast speeds. The app uses a download system called “multiple thread” and this enables users to download multiple videos at the same time. To top it all off, VidMate is also equipped with a built-in MP3 converter that can be used in order to automatically convert music videos into simple tracks so that they can be stored in the music playlist.

Another highlight of using VidMate is that the app is equipped with a simple to use UI (user interface). The great thing about this feature is that it makes it possible for everyone to download online videos, not only experienced users.


The second online video downloader on our list is none other than InsTube. While VidMate might excel at downloading online videos at super-fast speeds, InsTube excels at supported file formats. InsTube’s biggest strength is its ability to download any type of videos from all over the internet. Here are the types of files that InsTube supports: AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, RM, RMVB and many more.

Furthermore, InsTube is the perfect app for people who enjoy listening to music and the reason behind this is that InsTube offers a wide range of music controls such as recent playlist, play in the background and so on. In addition, InsTube supports the following highly useful features multi-core decoding and multiple subtitle tracks.


From the looks of it, VidMate is the app for people that care about speed and don’t want to spend their time waiting for online videos to download. On the other hand, InsTube is a better choice for people that enjoy having more control options for their media content.

This makes it difficult for us to pick a winner and we have to leave this job for you. So, what will it be? VidMate’s speed or InsTube’s wide range of options and supported file formats? Let us know in the comments section.