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Google Launches Next-Gen Pixel Buds with New Adaptive Sounds Feature


Google announced that the next-gen Pixel Buds are now available to purchase directly from the Google Store. This is amazing news for Android fans because Google was expected to delay the launch of the wireless earbuds but fortunately, this didn’t happen. The Pixel Buds are currently available for purchase in the US and they are priced at $179 for the “Clearly White” model.

Since this is Google that we are talking about, then no one should be shocked to find out that the much-anticipated Pixel Buds are shipping with a large list of innovative features. One of those features is called Adaptive Sounds and it will enhance the overall sound quality that the Pixel Buds provide.

Google Introduces Adaptive Sounds

“To help, Adaptive Sound temporarily and subtly adjusts your volume to accommodate for the new noise in your environment and goes back to normal after it’s dissipated. It works kind of like auto-brightness on your phone screen: It momentarily adjusts to the world around you to make the experience of using your device a little simpler,” said Frank LI who is a UX Engineer for Google.

“Adaptive Sound is perfect for those moments like when you’re steaming milk for a latte, or when you’re washing your hands or the dishes. Those noises can eclipse your audio experience for a bit, until the latte or your dishes are done,” added Basheer Tome, Senior Hardware Interface Designer.

Fast Pair

Another cool feature that we want to highlight is the Fast Pair option. You will no longer have to deal with the annoying process of pairing your smartphone with the wireless buds that usually takes a couple of minutes because the Fast Pair feature will make this process smoother.

“I always used to use wired headphones because I had concerns about the reliability of Bluetooth® connectivity, as lots of other earbuds have pairing problems, including the original Pixel Buds. With the new Pixel Buds, we focused on improving Fast Pair to eliminate these pain points and easily connect to your phone,” stated Ethan Grabau, Product Manager.