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Google Lets Fans Hide Pixel 3 XL’s Display Top-Notch


Google announced Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL a couple of days ago, but we already knew everything about the two smartphones thanks previous leaks and mistakes from Google’s own employees. Nonetheless, now we can see the two smartphones in their full glory and check out all their unique features that they have to offer.

Replicating Apple’s iPhone X Design

Even though the new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are premium smartphones that ship with cutting-edge technology, they are going to have a difficult time competing against the likes of iPhone X and Galaxy S9. Just take for example Pixel 3 XL which loos almost exactly as iPhone X from the front. This is making Android fans angry because they wanted a specific Android design and not an iPhone X replica.

How to Hide the Top-Notch

From the looks of it, Google is aware that Android fans are upset that Pixel 3 XL looks so much alike iPhone X and it included a special software feature that makes it possible for Pixel 3 XL owners to hide the display top-notch.

Google announced that Pixel 3 XL owners will be able to hide the display top-notch by blacking out the top portion of the display. We should mention that Pocco F1 also comes with this feature which shows us that Google is indeed running out of ideas when it comes to design and that it relies on getting “inspired” from other smartphones.

Pure Android Flagship Smartphone


Pixel 3 XL’s design looks good, but this is not the problem that Android fans have with it. The reason why Android fans are getting angry with Google and its decisions is because Pixel 3 XL represents a “pure Android flagship smartphone” and Google should’ve created its own full-screen design instead of copying Apple.