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SHAREit – Here’s Why You Should Give This App a Try


Having a smartphone in your pocket at all times will prove to be very useful. There are thousands of apps that you can download in order to make your life easier and SHAREit is one of them. For those unfamiliar with SHAREit, this an Android app that excels at transferring files between smartphones. However, there are many other features that SHAREit has to offer and today we are going to present the best of them.

File Transfer Speed

Considering the fact that SHAREit is an app which has been developed for the sole purpose of transferring data, no one should be shocked that it can do it very fast. SHAREit transfers files at speeds that reach up to 20 MB/s which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. This is super impressive, but to make things even better, SHAREit gives users a method of transferring data without losing any of the data quality in the process.

Transfer All Types of Files

Hands down, the best feature that SHAREit has to offer is the large number of files that it supports. People who choose to give SHAREit a try will find out that they can send anything they want starting with basic photos, videos and ending with fully installed apps.

Watch Online Videos

As we previously mentioned, SHAREit can do much more than just transfer files. SHAREit is also an excellent video player that people can use in order to discover trending HD videos and even watch them offline.

Guaranteed File Protection

The last thing we need to mention about SHAREit is that this app guarantees 100% protection against hackers and malicious software to people who choose to transfer their important data with it. This makes SHAREit a great choice for people who need to transfer data to their work colleagues or schoolmates on a daily basis.