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Google Maps Gets Much-Needed 11.35.1 Update to Solve Dark Mode Issue

Source: Unsplash

Google Maps is one of those apps that most of us cannot imagine our lives without nowadays, and for good reasons. We knew since a few days ago that Google would implement the “Nearby Trafic” widget to the famous navigation app to allow users to see crucial info rapidly without the need to open the software itself.

According to autoevolution.com, a new Google Maps update already arrived for Android phones without too much of a fuss: the 11.35.1 update. What the new update does is that it solves some dark mode issues that were present on Android Auto.

Going dark mode by default is what was annoying users

Users of Google Maps who were accessing the app via Android Auto had the experience of seeing it going dark mode by default even if the settings said something else. It’s so glad to find out that Google thought about this issue and provided a fix!

Google Maps will even be available on the upcoming Google Pixel Watch, meaning the Mountain View-based company’s own smartwatch that will come to the market this fall. Google seems to be giving that gadget a lot of love, and it’s understandable considering that many people want to buy smartwatches nowadays.

Google Maps offers information about entire cities, streets, villages, countries, institutions, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, gas stations, ATMs, and a lot more important stuff from our society. You can always use the app to find out the way to a certain place.

The wisest thing to do at this point if you were annoyed by the dark mode problem on Android Auto is to wait patiently for the new update to get to you. It could take a while to roll out for all users, even though it has already been launched by Google.