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Google News – Daily Headlines APK Brings Improvements and Bug Fixes

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Hundreds of millions of people rely on the Google News app to get informed about what’s happening in the world in general or in their own area. They have a new reason to continue using the software, as the update is now available to download!

You can grab Google News – Daily Headlines as an APK version via APKMirror, the place where free and safe APKs are added every day.

There is a single download variant available to grab for the new update, and it comes in the form of a bundle APK. The update was built on a noarch architecture, and you’ll need at least Android 5 to have the privilege of downloading and installing it. However, we’re pretty sure that you can get an even better experience running Google News on a newer version of the Android OS.

What’s new

Google News – Daily Headlines brings improvements regarding the app’s performance, as well as some necessary bug fixes. The change log doesn’t go into detail, so it’s up to us to uncover the whole truth. Furthermore, we need to know that the download size is very small, surprisingly: only 10.78MB.

In Google News, you can find news based on certain topics that you choose. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in politics, astronomy, technology, music, celebrities, business, sports, and so on. You can also find top-rated news, local news, recommended news based on your interests, and so on. Perhaps nobody can deny that Google News has a lot of useful information to offer!

Except for the Android version, you can also use Google News from an iOS device or directly in a device’s browser. Obviously, you can also access Google News from your laptop or desktop. Whether you’re at the office or waiting for the bus, you can remain informed thanks to Google News!