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Fortnite: Complete The “Bounce On 3 Separate Crash Pads Without Landing” Quest

Credit: Epic Games

“Bounce on 3 Separate Crash Pads without landing” is a Week 9 Quest in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, tasking contestants with leaping on Crash Pads sequentially without striking the ground. Crash Pads, a new kind of throwable item introduced in Update v21.30, may be used to turn any flat area into a massively inflated trampoline. Jumping or falling upon this bouncy springboard will cause the player to be thrown higher into the air in Fortnite.

Crash Pads are a kind of Rare treasure that appears in Chests, Rare Chests, Supply Drops, and Floor Loot in Fortnite. Six may be held at once, making them a convenient tool for swiftly accessing high places or minimizing the effects of falls. There are also unchangeable Environmental variations of Crash Pads in certain areas. Accordingly, to accomplish the “Bounce on 3 Separate Crash Pads without landing” objective in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, users have the choice of employing transportable Crash Pads or Environmental Crash Pads to achieve the task.

First, Crash Pads are a kind of random treasure that may be found anywhere on the Fortnite Battle Royale island. After you’ve geared up the trampolines, you can just toss one down to set it up in a wide-open spot. Proceed to Chapter 3 of Fortnite and leap onto the first unbounced pad to get used to the height of the bounce and the distance your character may tumble ahead. After that, spread out two additional Crash Pads over the floor. Finally, hop from the second to the third, landing on the first. If done successfully, this accomplishment should fulfill the challenge’s aim.

If you’re looking for a simpler way to finish the Week 9 Quest in Fornite, employing Environmental Crash Pads is your best bet. Floating in the river east of Sanctuary, near the Mighty Monument, are these Environmental variations. After landing or getting to the area, swim to the platforms and jump out of the water onto one of the pads. Jump from one to the next with caution; players who have removed No Sweat Signs from the island of Mighty Monument may use the row of three Crash Pads that begins on the southeast coasts of the island as a shortcut. The location is specifically on the northern coastline of the adjoining unidentified island. If there are any hostile players around, be aware of the quest participant as they bounce from trampoline to trampoline.

After finishing the Week 9 Quest, players will get 15,000 XP that may be used for the Season 3 Chapter 3 Battle Pass. Additionally, players are urged to participate in the No Sweat Summer Event challenges for the chance to earn bonus XP and unique goodies.