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Google Offers Significant Discounts for Pixel Phones and Pixel Watch

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It’s that time of the year again when top companies are bringing serious discounts for their products. It’s now time for Google to jump on the bandwagon as well, and it seems that Santa Claus is going all the way out when it comes to tech this year. Maybe he’ll finally replace those reindeers with a drone controlled from the soil by a smartphone.

If that’s the case, Santa should surely take a look at the latest discounts from Google. One of the Pixel phones released in recent years might be exactly what he needs in his journey to give presents to kids.

The time is limited, as the offers won’t last forever! Neither Santa or you should waste any time and decide as soon as possible if you want to buy either one of the Google products or not. XDA has spotted new discounts on Pixel products that are available at websites like Amazon or Best Buy. Let’s dive into detail:

Pixel 7: a discount of $100

Pixel 7 is part of the latest lineup of flagship smartphones that Google has to offer, and it came out back in October. You can now grab it for $500, which means $100 less than its usual price, from Amazon or Best Buy.

Pixel 7 has both the hardware, operating system, and processor built by Google itself. That means that the phone should work a lot smoother compared to the usual Android phones. The chipset represents the latest one by the Mountain View-based giant, and it’s capable of running powerful AI capable of making the device faster and more secure.

Google even claims that its Pixel 7 is capable of offering “the best photo and video quality yet.”

Pixel 7 Pro: a discount of $175

Pixel 7 Pro is obviously the improved version of the new Pixel 7 series of smartphones built by Google. You are free to get it for $724 at Best Buy or by paying $749 via Amazon. While that may sound like a lot of money, you must keep in mind that the prices represent a discount of roughly $175 compared to the usual prices.


The Pixel 7 Pro features more RAM, a higher and improved display, and even a more powerful battery compared to the standard Pixel 7 version. Pixel 7 Pro is equipped with an LTPO AMOLED display of 120Hz for the refresh rate, 8/12GB of RAM, and a 5,000mAh battery, just to say the least.

Both the Pixel 7 Pro and the standard Pixel 7 feature the same Tensor G23 chipset built by Google, while the cameras are pretty much the same for both phones. However, it needs to be said that the Pro version has three lenses on the main camera setup, while its little sibling has only two.

Pixel 6 Pro: a discount of $314

You can also get your hands on the Pixel 6 Pro from Best Buy at only $585, which means a discount of $314. Even though this is the older Pixel model that came out last year in October, it’s still pretty impressive. It features the first Google Tensor chipset, and it reaches 12GB of RAM. It also has an LTPO AMOLED display of 6.7 inches and a 120Hz refresh rate.


Pixel 6 is “the first ever Google phone built completely different.” The creators also claim that the phone aims to learn and adapt to the user “in so many ways.”

The battery is adaptive enough to understand when the user needs power, so it can send it to the right place.

Pixel 6a: save $150

You should also consider the Pixel 6a while you search for a new phone to replace the old one, especially since it’s now being discounted at Amazon and Best Buy for $150.

While you take photos with the Google Pixel 6a, you can easily remove distractions as you take advantage of the powerful dual camera setup from the rear. Functions such as Night Sight or Magic Eraser will make your experience a lot more pleasant as you try to photograph what you need.

Google Pixel 6A also comes with 6GB of RAM installed and a single storage option: 128GB. If you need more storage while having such a device in your pocket, you can only rely on cloud storage options, as there’s no card slot included.

Pixel Watch: save $50

Google also has its own Pixel Watch smartwatch that came out this year in October. Buying it while benefitting from the new offer will save you 50 bucks. The discounted smartwatch can be yours after you buy it via Amazon or Best Buy for $300.

It’s the first ever Google Pixel Watch we’re talking about, and surely you should consider buying one if you haven’t done so already. The wearable device can indeed take care of your health in an efficient way.

Google Pixel Watch is able to monitor your heart rate, check your heart rhythm due to the ESG app, etc. The device can even help you orientate yourself in space, as it will get you directions when you need them.

If you need to send texts, you can also rely on the Pixel Watch or even collaborate with your Google Assistant when you need to, similar to how you’ve been doing with your Android phone.

You even have the chance to take calls right from your Pixel Watch, but keep in mind that it’s a good idea to have your smartphone along with you as well!

Feel free to tell us in the comments below which one of the Google devices you would buy and why! Do you consider the discounts fair enough?