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Google Promises “Big” Announcement for the Game Developers Conference


The Game Developers Conference is scheduled to start in March and Google has revealed today that it wants to announce something “big” during the event. The Android parent said that it will host a panel during the event and that everyone should “gather around” because “all will be revealed”. Even though Google hasn’t directly confirmed what device or software it wants to announce at the Game Developers Conference, we already have a pretty good idea of what the Android parent is planning.

Google “Yeti” Project

Google partnered last year with Ubisoft in order to create a service that made it possible for people to play the new Assassin’s Creed Odyssey without installing the game on their PCs. This service is codenamed Yeti and it streams the gameplay footage from a server of PCs.

Rumor has it that Yeti will be Google’s version of a gaming console and that it will give players access to games that they can’t normally play on their PCs because they don’t have the required hardware specs. The only requirement for Yeti to work is to have a stable internet connection.

Microsoft Project xCloud

We need to mention that Google is not the first tech company that wants to bring gaming to everyone via streaming. Microsoft also tested a new service last year called Project xCloud which could also stream games to people’s PCs.

The difference between Project xCloud and Project Yeti is that Microsoft’s service is said to run on any type of device, including smartphones.

Microsoft is looking to bridge the gap between PC gaming and all other platforms. This is definitely going to get the interest of gamers who can’t afford to pay for high-end PCs that can run the latest games. Nonetheless, the Game Developers Event starts on March 18th and that is when we will find out more about Project Yeti.