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Google’s New Advanced Protection Program is Keeping You Safe From Risky Files


One of the things that sets Google’s software, apps and services apart from everything else is the fact that the Android parent puts a high price on user security. With that said, no one should be surprised to find out that Google has released a new Advanced Protection Program that has been specially designed to protect the information of Google Accounts that are at risk of targeted attacks such as activists, politicians, CEOS and so on.

Advanced Protection Program

“Starting today, Advanced Protection Program users who have turned on sync in Chrome will automatically start receiving stronger protections against risky downloads across the web, like files containing malware,” said Google in a recent blog post.

“Advanced Protection users already benefit from malware protections beyond Gmail’s standard, industry-leading safeguards. As a result, attackers are shifting their strategies to threaten Advanced Protection users outside of email with linked malware and “drive-by downloads” where users unknowingly download harmful software onto their devices,” added the Android parent.

Risky Files

The most important thing that Google’s new Advanced Protection Program is doing is that it proactively keeps users safe from downloading risky files. The way that the Advanced Protection Program is going to help with this is by showing additional warnings and even blocking files from being downloaded in extreme cases.

We need to mention that Google is labeling files that back communication, hide lethal code for tracking as risky. This is great news because there are all types of malware that ‘bad actors’ can use for all types of activities, even to intercept an internet connection.

Final Words

Even though most people are not even going to notice the addition of the Advanced Protection Program, it’s still great to have around. The Program is taking the security level of Google’s services to the next level and people that own Google Accounts which are at high risk of attacks are now safer.