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Great News for Xbox Fans! – Microsoft Acquires Obsidian and InXile


Even though PlayStation 4 and Xbox One offer similar performances when it comes to hardware power, no one can deny the fact that Sony’s console has the upper hand. The reason we are saying this is because Sony has invested lots of money in order to acquire development studios and create PlayStation 4 exclusive titles that make Xbox One fans think about switching camps. The best example of this is God of War 3 which is expected to win the GOTY “Game of the Year” award.

Fortunately, it looks like Microsoft is aware that Xbox One fans are craving for more AAA exclusive titles so that they don’t have to buy a PlayStation 4 in order to get access to the latest games. With that said, Xbox One fans should be happy to know that Microsoft has announced that it has acquired Obsidian and InXile.

Microsoft Acquired Obsidian and InXile

Microsoft has been struggling to compete against Sony for this past couple of years, but the acquisition of Obsidian and InXile might help with that. For those who are unfamiliar with these two studios, they both have created amazing RPG titles over the years and this means that Xbox fans One might finally get the exclusive titles that they have always been craving for.

Exclusive Xbox One Titles

Obsidian is the most famous development studio out of the two because it created Fall Out: New Vegas and the Pillars of Eternity franchise. On the other hand, InXile has created the Wasteland Torment and Bard’s Tale which are also RPG games.

Let’s hope that the two companies that Microsoft acquired will combine their ideas and come up with an amazing RPG title exclusive for Microsoft’s consoles so that Xbox One fans don’t feel the need to switch camps anymore.