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GTA San Andreas’s Cluckin Bell Restaurant Became Available in Real Life

Source: YouTube

GTA San Andreas was not only one of the best open-world games ever made, although it’s already 18 years old. The game also proved that Rockstar has an interesting and unquenchable desire to satirize life in the US.

If you remember checking in at the Cluckin Bell, which seems to be a parody of KFC, it could mean that you have great taste in video games. The satire seems to emphasize the poor service and unhealthy food from American fast food restaurants.

Comic-Con 2022 brings Cluckin Bell to real life

The Comic-Con 2022 event brought GTA’s Cluckin Bell to real life in San Diego. BoyWorldWide is the creator, and the restaurant is located at 14035 Midland Road, Poway, CA 92064. The employees wear chicken suits, just like in the game. See for yourself:

GTA San Andreas came out in 2004, two years after the release of GTA Vice City, which was another top-selling game of the famous franchise. The map in San Andreas was a lot larger, and many Grand Theft Auto fans agree that it remains the most diversified map in the entire series, even today. GTA San Andreas also stands out for its enormous amount of exciting gameplay elements. Players can choose to engage in gang wars, become cops, join street races with fast cars, rob houses, become paramedics, and a lot more.

There are also not a few GTA fans who agree that having gameplay like GTA San Andreas and graphics such as the one from GTA 5 represents the recipe for the perfect GTA game.

The Grand Theft Auto series began way back in 1997, and it was available on the first PlayStation console, PC, and the Game Boy Color. There are a total of 16 GTA games.