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How Rich is the Scrub Daddy CEO Aaron Krause in 2022

Credit: phillymag.com

If you’ve heard only recently about Scrub Daddy and you’re wondering what’s so special about it, there’s a simple answer. Scrub Daddy is a special kind of sponge able to change its texture based on the temperature of the water you use. Pretty ingenious, we have to admit! Furthermore, you can use Scrub Daddy on a lot of household items.

Scrub Daddy is also a cleaning supplies company founded ten years ago by Aaron Krause.

The net worth of Scrub Daddy

Thanks to The Tech Education, we can find out the astronomical numbers regarding the net worth of Scrub Daddy. For 2022, the total worth is $250 million. Back in 2019, Scrub Daddy even managed to obtain the highest income of any product. That happened during the ABC reality show Shark Tank.

However, the history of Scrub Daddy goes even further than 2012. Aaron Krause established a manufacturer of cleaning supplies back in 2008 under the same name Scrub Daddy.

Aaron Krause, an ambitious man

Aaron Krause is the CEO, President, and founder of Scrub Daddy. Judging by the numbers revealed above, you can easily guess that he’s a very wealthy man. But except for wealthiness, he has other qualities as well.

Krause is an entrepreneur and inventor. He graduated from Syracuse University (New York), obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology. That happened three decades ago, in 1992. A year earlier, he founded his first business, which was called Dedication to Detail.

The chances of not recognizing a Scrub Daddy sponge as soon as you see one are extremely low. The product is notorious for having a smiley face on it. Furthermore, it will become significantly more pliable while having contact with warm water, and it will stay more rigid under cold water.