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Top 5 Roblox VR Games You Should Try Out in 2022

Source: roblox.com

Virtual Reality games are far from representing anything new, but we all know that this tech area still needs plenty of work from those developers. However, everyone has heard of Roblox, and the VR games based on the famous creation system can be extremely exciting.

Roblox VR is now proving that gaming in a Virtual Reality environment can certainly be better than people were used to.

Let’s find out some of the best VR games based on Roblox that you can play nowadays:

Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay

If you’re in for a lot of tension, surely you can’t miss Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay, a game that will put your courage to the test. As you already guessed, this game will allow you to confront hordes of zombies, and the only language they understand is represented by bullets and powerful weapons. But be careful! If they catch you, you’ll become a zombie yourself!

Self-Driving Simulator

This one is pretty much on the opposite side compared to Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay, as there’s not much to do other than hopping in and enjoying the ride. As the name suggests, Self-Driving Simulator is all about a car that works without a driver.

Road to Gramby’s

In Road to Gramby’s, you need to find your way to a certain destination while having to overcome plenty of objects that are more or less unexpected. If your imagination is not on your side, it’s pretty much worthless to try this game. Whatever you do, don’t underestimate Road to Gramby’s!

Skeds Playground

If you liked going to the playground when you were a child, it’s time to take it seriously this time while playing Skeds Playground! This VR game takes you to a playground, as you’ve already guessed, where you’ll need to make it through in your own way by avoiding obstacles.

VR Laser Tag

By playing VR Laser Tag, you’ll find yourself in a dark room with a few neon lights. You can win in this game only by teamwork, but you’ll have to make your plan very carefully.

Do you have a favorite Roblox VR game? Feel free to tell us in the comment section!