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How to Fix VidMate “No Longer Working” Problem


VidMate is a powerful app that is used by millions of people every single day. The feature that makes VidMate special and such a desired app is its ability to download online videos, thus making it possible for users to consume their favorite online content while offline.

VidMate Not Working Anymore

Nonetheless, VidMate can have its fair share of problems from time to time and they usually get fixed via updates. However, some issues are here to stay and they can be quite annoying. The most reoccurring issue for VidMate display the “no longer working” text and it force shutdown the app. Luckily, there are two simple ways to repair this problem.

  • Reboot the Smartphone

Even though this method of fixing VidMate might sound too simple to be true, it actually works. Just try to reboot the smartphone and then connect it back to Wi-Fi once again. This simple fix usually gets rid of the “not working” problem which appears most of the times on older smartphones that need a reboot.

  • Get the Latest Updates

As previously mentioned, VidMate’s developers are always fixing all the app’s bugs through updates. VidMate is not available to download via the Google Play Store and therefore, the app doesn’t always get its updates OTA (over the air) and users need to download them in the form of APK.

The APK format stands for “Android Package Kit” and the trick to installing this type of updates is that users are required to manually download and install them on their smartphones, but not before enabling the “Unknown Sources” option. Therefore, download the latest update for VidMate will surely get rid of the “not working” problem.


As we can clearly see, the fix methods for are rather simple to use and everyone can fix the video downloader in under five minutes.