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How to Share the Xender App via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth


Xender is one of the most useful apps that people can install on their smartphones. This app excels when it comes to sharing files, but what really makes it special is the fact that Xender can be used on multiple operating systems. In fact, we have a guide on how to install Xender on multiple operating systems and everyone can find it here.

Another great thing about Xender is the fact that the app is simple to use. If you have a friend that doesn’t use Xender, then you should be happy to know you can share the app directly to his Android or iOS powered smartphone in a couple of simple steps. With that said, today we are going to present everyone how to share the Xender app to other smartphones in two ways.

How to Share the Xender App

#1 The Wi-Fi Way

Let’s say that you need to transfer some important files to a friend of yours and you need him to install Xender on his smartphone in order to make the file transfer possible. The fastest way to do this is via Wi-Fi and the only thing that you need to do is to follow the upcoming step by step guide.

  • Open the Xender app;
  • Tap on the User Logo icon which can be found in the top side next to the login option;
  • Tap on the “More” option;
  • Pick the “Share Xender to other phones option”;
  • Pick the “Hotspot” option.

The app should now create a hotspot network and the name/address of the hotspot will be displayed on the smartphone’s screen. Now, let’s move to the receiver’s smartphone.

  • Access the Wi-Fi settings panel and enable Wi-Fi;
  • Connect to the hotspot you created earlier;
  • Open the mobile browser (any browser);
  • Tap on the address bar in the browser and then enter the web address that is shown on Xender’s screen (on the smartphone that is sharing the app);
  • After typing in the address, simply tap on the “enter” button;
  • Xender is now going to be automatically installed on the smartphone.

#2 The Bluetooth Way

Now that we covered the Wi-Fi way of sharing the Xender app between two smartphones, let’s also go over the Bluetooth way. There might be some situations where creating a hotspot via Wi-Fi is not available and this is where the Bluetooth alternative comes in and saves the day.

  • Open the Xender app;
  • Tap on the User Logo icon;
  • Tap on the “More” option;
  • Pick the “Select Xender to other phones” option;
  • Next, pick the “Bluetooth” option;
  • Tap once again on “share using Bluetooth”.

Now let’s move on to the receiver’s smartphone.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth setting and make sure that the smartphone is visible;
  • Now, pick the Bluetooth device from the list available of other devices and connect;
  • Make sure to pair the first and second smartphones and then accept the incoming file transfer;
  • All that is left is to install Xender from the “Install” directory or from “File Manager”, depending on the location where the app has been transferred in.

Top Features

Since we are talking about Xender, we want to present what are the app’s top features so that everyone who has yet to give the app a try can get a glimpse of Xender has to offer. Without any further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

  • Cross-Platform Support (Xender can be installed on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS);
  • Guaranteed File Security;
  • Xender can share files at 20 MB/s in optimal network conditions;
  • Xender doesn’t require any cables (USB or Lighting);
  • Xender doesn’t place any limits on the file sizes that are being shared.