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Kylie Strickland Was Arrested: What Did The Influencer Do?

Credit: Pike County Sheriff's Office

Authorities in Georgia are looking into the activities of TikTok celebrity Kylie Strickland after receiving complaints about a potentially illegal pool video she posted. A Facebook post from the Troup County Sheriff’s Office states that Strickland was taken into custody on the afternoon of June 30. An approximate 3:15 p.m. Eastern time announcement was made.

Heavy has requested further information from the Pike County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia. WTVM-TV was told by that agency that it was looking into Strickland’s footage. In a press statement, deputies from Troup County said they had transferred the matter to Pike County, which had subsequently issued an arrest warrant for the suspect.

Strickland has locked down his TikTok account. The handle @kylie.strickland3 is hers when she tweets. She is followed by around 263,000 people. As reported by LaGrange News, she has utilized her celebrity to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence.

She made $1,000 each month from her TikTok videos, she said in the interview. Her father operates a pizza parlor, and she grew up in Georgia, so says the LaGrange News. According to the news outlet, she earns an additional $80,000 monthly from her OnlyFans account, including a racy profile picture. WTVM reports that a LaGrange, Georgia woman named Strickland has been charged with indecent exposure for allegedly allowing youngsters to see her naked.

Apparently, she was caught on camera flashing two male pool-goers, and the footage was shown on the local news. According to the station, the lady asked the kids if they would like to see her chest and then lifted the top of her bikini.

Initially, Strickland defended herself in a video, saying that she had no say over the children’s actions since they were not hers. Distractify reports that several social media users were offended by the answer. Her site has now removed the video from view.