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Instagram APK is Available for Download

Source: Unsplash

Instagram is once again pumping its virtual muscles, and the transformation has a name as well: That’s the version of the new APK that allows the user to download the famous social app once again.

There’s no telling yet what the new update brings new, as the change log doesn’t tell us anything. But we can safely assume that there’s a strong reason behind the release of for Instagram.

21 download versions available

There are 21 download versions available for Instagram APK, and you are free to grab either of them via APKMirror! All variants come in simple APK files. The best thing to do before proceeding with the download is to consult the FAQ section of the website to see which version of the update is best for you.

You must keep in mind that your phone will have to run on at least Android 5 or Android 6 in order to be compatible with the new APK for Instagram.

In case you’re not among the numerous Instagram users, here’s a relevant description appearing on APKMirror of the app so that you can remember some basic things:

“Instagram (from Facebook) allows you to create and share your photos, stories, and videos with the friends and followers you care about. Connect with friends, share what you’re up to, or see what’s new from others all over the world. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life’s highlights.”

Instagram was acquired by Facebook ten years ago for $1 billion. At that time, Instagram had very few employees, which is shocking considering the current notoriety of the app. Nowadays, Instagram is a lot more important than Facebook for many people when it comes to the social media app to choose.