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Instagram (150509) Update for Beta Testers Comes with High-Priority Bug Fixes


With Facebook having major issues with private data leaks, millions of users have moved over to Instagram. This photo-sharing platform is now the most popular social media app in the world with more than one monthly active billion users.  Considering the fact that everyone is leaving Facebook for Instagram, we think it’s safe to say that Facebook who is also in charge of Instagram can’t afford to have any bugs or any other kind of issues impact the user experience of Instagram.

Therefore, Facebook has tasked a large team of developers to work on Instagram and to keep on improving its software performances and user experience. The way that the developers do this is by constantly releasing new updates and in fact, a brand-new beta release has just arrived.

With that said, today we are going to take a closer look at the improvements that the new Instagram brings so that all users know what’s coming their way.

Instagram (150509) beta

Instagram users who are enrolled in the beta program should be happy to know that a new update which sports the (150509) beta version number has been made available for download. This is a high priority update for all beta testers because it comes with bug fixes that take care of the app’s most serious issues.

The bug fixes which are being introduced by the new Instagram update will lower the chances for the app to randomly crash or glitch. As we all know, there is nothing more annoying other than using a buggy app. Fortunately, the new update for Instagram is making sure that all bugs are removed and that Instagram is always running at peak performance levels.

Final Words

Our conclusion for the new Instagram beta update is that everyone who is enrolled in the beta program should hurry up and download it as soon as possible. In addition, enrolling the beta program is quite simple and everyone who uses an Android powered smartphone can do it.