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Instagram Announces A Series Of New Features

Credit: Instagram

A 90-second option for Instagram Reels has been added to the photo-sharing network owned by Meta. With a goal of increasing the app’s audience’s involvement with content producers, the firm has announced the release of its newest features. To make use of the new capabilities, creators may now add their own audio recordings directly into Reels.

As of Instagram’s latest update, Reels will now be able to last up to 90 seconds, up from the previous limit of 60 seconds. The length expansion, according to the business, would provide users more freedom to explore Reels. For those who want to “tell more about yourself, record more behind-the-scenes video, delve deeper into the complexities of your content, or anything else you want to do with that extra time,” the firm said in a blog post.
It’s also going to be possible for Instagram Reels users to upload their own audio. Previously, this was not an option, thus content producers were forced to submit videos that already had audio or to use music from the Instagram library. Any video longer than 5 seconds may be used to add audio to a reel.

Creators will be able to utilize polls from their viewers to help them decide what to do in their next video. This will improve communication between the show’s producers and viewers, as well as give viewers a greater role in the plot’s direction. Users of Meta’s platform may now make a reel using a pre-existing template, which reduces the editing time required for producing Reels.

This week, Instagram introduced a new tool that would allow users to view and share information about missing children in their region. A missing child’s notice will show up on the Instagram feeds of Instagram users in the region if it is issued by a local law enforcement agency. There will be a few photographs of the missing youngster in the notifications.