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Instagram Co-Founder Reveals The Reason Why He Resigned


Kevin Systrom is the co-founder of Instagram and he was the one who was keeping the image-sharing platform “pure”. Kevin Systrom has always been the one to say “no” to Facebook whenever Mark Zuckerberg wanted to introduce features such as the ability to share other people’s content in newsfeeds and unfortunately, Kevin Systrom has left the Instagram team.

Kevin Systrom Leaves Instagram

We previously reported that Kevin Systrom left Instagram and that neither he nor Facebook released a statement making it clear what was the reason why the co-founder felt forced to depart from the Instagram team. Luckily, Kevin Systrom finally decided to come clean and announce to the entire world what caused him to feel like he didn’t belong with Instagram anymore.

Instagram Co-Founder Speaks Out

“Instagram didn’t feel done by any stretch of imagination, but it felt like it was in orbit. And if we let go and let others take it, it would continue to go on” said Kevin Systrom in a recent interview.

From the looks of it, the Instagram co-founder felt like he was holding back the image-sharing platform and that leaving it all in the hands of Facebook was the right choice.

What’s Next for Kevin Systrom?

“I don’t have any plans yet, except hanging out for a little while,” said Kevin Systrom when asked about his future plans. The Instagram co-founder is currently spending all his time with his 9-month-old daughter and taking flying lessons while working with other entrepreneurs in hopes of finding a new project to work on.

Adam Mosseri Steps In

Instagram fans should be pleased to know that Kevin Systrom’s position was taken by Facebook News Feed Vice President Adam Mosseri. Adam Mosseri has more than enough experience to run Instagram and we can be sure that the image-sharing platform will keep running even with Kevin Systrom gone.