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Xender – Say Goodbye to Operating System Restrictions


Are you looking for an app that can help you share important data? Even though there are many apps which can do that, most of them pale in comparison with Xender. This is an app that has been specially developed for the sole purpose of sharing important data and the cool thing about Xender is that it’s a multi-platform which means that it can be installed on the following operating systems: Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows and Mac.

Say Goodbye to Operating System Restrictions

The fact that Xender is a multi-platform app also means that it removes all operating system restrictions that people usually have to deal with. We are talking about the restrictions that Apple and Google have placed on their fanbase by not letting people share files between each other. Fortunately, this stops being an issue to people who chose to give a try Xender.

Easy to Use

Another awesome feature that Xender offers while other similar apps don’t is the ability to share important data without ever having to connect the devices via USB or Bluetooth. In fact, Xender shares data 200 times faster than Bluetooth can! Xender creates a hotspot through Wi-Fi or mobile data where multiple smartphones can connect to and transfer all the data that they want.

Perfect for School Projects

One of the best uses for Xender is in school projects where students need to keep transferring important data such as PowerPoint slideshow pages for example. Using Xender, students will be able to finish their school projects way faster than before.

We should also mention that Xender is the “choice of more than 500 million users” which means that the app’s developers must be doing something right. Having such a massive user base speaks volumes about the performances of the Xender.