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Instagram is Introducing a New Way to Recover Hacked Accounts


Instagram is slowly but surely surpassing Facebook in user numbers and since billions of people are using the photo-sharing app on a daily basis, no one should be surprised to find out that Instagram’s developers are looking for new ways to enhance the account security that the app offers. There are many people who make their living on Instagram such as models and small business for example and this is why Instagram has announced that it will make it much more difficult for ‘bad actors’ to access people’s accounts.

Instagram Hacked Accounts

Having your account hacked on Instagram is a serious threat, especially since a large majority of people use the same password for multiple accounts. This is why Instagram’s developers have announced that they are implementing a new and easier way to recover hacked accounts.

Users will need to fill out a support form where they will be asked multiple questions that are going to help Instagram’s support tech figure out that the user is who they are actually claiming to be. After this is done, users will receive a six-digit code that is going to be sent to contact info of their choice.

New Security Code

The six-digit security code that Instagram is going to give users is going to make it really difficult for hackers to steal people’s accounts. The reason behind this is that even though hacker has managed to change the user name and contact data, they have no way to access the security code that.

Final Words

Our conclusion for this upcoming change to Instagram is that the security of the photo-sharing is being improved. The developers are doing a great job and there is no doubt about that. Let’s just hope that they release the new update soon.