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iOS 13.5 is Coming Soon with New Medical ID Functionality


If there is one thing that all Apple fans can agree about when it comes to Apple, then it has to be the fact that the Cupertino based tech giant always does an amazing job when it comes to software updates. With that being said, we have amazing news to share with iPhone users. Apple has confirmed that a major update is coming soon.

The new update sports the iOS 13.5 version number and it is now available to beta testers. This is the fourth beta edition of iOS 13.5 and the users who are enrolled in the beta program are now testing out all the latest features which include a new functionality for Medical ID.

iOS 13.5 is Coming Soon

First off, we want to note that Apple has yet to announce an official launch date. The only thing that Apple said is that the update is scheduled to arrive during the upcoming weeks.

We believe that Apple wants the beta testers to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that there are no random crashes.

New Medical ID Functionality

Apple started focusing more and more on health during the last two years and the Medical ID feature is the perfect example of that. This is a fully-encrypted file where users can store important data about their health such as blood type and emergency contacts that should be called in case something goes wrong.

The highlight feature that iOS 13.5 will introduce is a new functionality for Medical ID. Apple fans can now choose to automatically share their Medical ID file with the 911 call center in case of an emergency.

This is great news for Apple fans who are suffering from existing medical conditions such as allergies to certain pills or diabetes as an example.