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iOS 14 is Live – How to Enable the Best iPhone and iPad Features


iOS 14 is now available to download and it comes with lots of exciting features and software improvements. Some of which are better than the others. Today we are going to check out the top three best features that the new operating system update brings and we will show you how to enable them. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Pin Conversations at the Top of Messages

One of the most useful features that Apple’s iOS 14 introduces is the ability to pin conversations at the top of messages. Thanks to this, you will no longer be required to scroll through a long list of contacts in order to reach the conversation that you are looking for. You can pin any contact or conversation just by swiping to the right across a thread.

Improved Widgets

If there is one thing that Apple knows how to do best, then it has to be the implementation of widgets. iOS 14 introduces a bundle of software changes that are improving the way widgets work and look on iPhones.

You can now have widgets on your home screen. Even though Android-powered smartphones have had this option for a long time, it has finally arrived for iPhones.

Picture in Picture Mode

iPhones are infamous for not providing features that help users multitask. Fortunately, that is coming to an end. iOS 14 introduces a Picture in Picture (PiP) mode that makes it possible for iPhone and iPad fans to use multiple apps at the same time.

Therefore, you can now watch your favorite YouTube videos on one side of the screen while reading the latest news on the other one.

You can enable the PiP mode whenever you are using a video in a supported app, like Twitch, and then swipe to go back to the home screen. The video will pop up in a smaller window.