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iPhone 11 Leaked Press Render Reveals One of iOS 13’s Highlight Features


Apple took the smartphone industry by storm last year when it launched three iPhones. Therefore, the expectations for Apple’s new iPhone lineup are high and everyone is curious to find out what Apple has in store for 2019. Unlike Samsung, Apple does a great job of keeping company secrets and we don’t get that many iPhone leaks.

Fortunately, we got lucky and a press render of iPhone 11 has surfaced on the web. The great thing about the newly leaked press render is that it doesn’t just reveal what iPhone 11 is going to look like, but also a highlight feature of iOS 13.

iPhone 11 Leaked Press Render

Right from the start, the first thing that we want to go over is iPhone 11’s design. From the looks of it, Apple is not willing to take any risks in with iPhone 11 because the device looks just like the current flagship, iPhone XS Max. However, there is a big difference that we are seeing here. The next generation iPhone features a system-wide Dark Mode

iOS 13 Dark Mode

Previous leaks have shown that Google is planning to introduce a system-wide dark mode in the next operating system for Android. Well, it seems like Apple is planning to do the same with iOS 13. The leaked press render of iPhone 11 shows us that Apple’s upcoming operating system will also feature a system-wide Dark Mode.

While the Dark Mode might not be a ground breaking feature by any means, it’s still nice to have around. People who work late night shifts are going to have a much easier time surfing the web, playing games or checking the mail on their iPhone 11 now that there will be a system-wide Dark Mode. Not just that, but people who have eyes problems will get to enjoy Dark Mode as well.