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VidMate – Online Videos are Now Available Offline


Watching online videos has become the best alternative to watching cable TV. However, there is a big downside to watching online videos that makes them difficult to access. The only for someone to watch online videos is to obviously, keep their smartphones connected to the internet. As we all know, mobile data is super expensive in certain countries such as the US and Canada. To make things even worse, free Wi-Fi is nearly impossible to find.

Therefore, watching online videos is not always a viable option for smartphone users who are looking for a way to keep themselves entertained during boring times. Fortunately, there is an app that makes it possible for smartphone users to watch any video that they want without an internet connection.

How to Watch Online Videos Offline

Can you imagine how awesome it would be if you could pull out your smartphone whenever you are getting bored such as waiting in line at the store or having to ride the bus to school or work and to simply watch any online video that you want? Well, this all can be made possible with the help of VidMate.

If this is the first time that you are reading about VidMate, then all you need to know about this app is that it can download online videos. The great thing about VidMate though is the fact that it can download online videos from virtually any website or app. This makes VidMate an endless source of entertainment.

How it Works

As if VidMate doesn’t sound great enough yet, we have to note that the app is very simple to use. Smartphone users can search for their favorite content creators in the app’s search bar and then just click on the big “Download” button and the video will be saved for offline viewing.