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iPhone XR is Now Available for Pre-Order


If you like the way Apple’s new iPhones look but don’t have enough money to buy one, then iPhone XR is the perfect device for you. iPhone XR ships with the same spectacular design that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max do while featuring a much cheaper price tag of $749 for the 64GB model. The affordable iPhone XR is available in six color models (coral, red, black, white, yellow, blue and white) and it has now been made available for pre-order.

iPhone XR Available for Pre-Order

It’s been over one month since Apple revealed iPhone XR to the entire world and the handheld device is now available for pre-order. Therefore, iPhone XR will start arriving in Apple stores and third-party retailers during the upcoming weeks and you can get your hands on it ahead of everyone else by pre-ordering.

Powerful Specs

Even though iPhone XR is cheaper than the current iPhone XS flagship, Apple has made sure to equip it with the same level of premium hardware specs. iPhone XR is powered by the same A12 Bionic processor and the primary camera that iPhone XS features which make it the “default iPhone” for many Apple fans who are not willing to spend more than $1,000 on a smartphone.

LCD Technology

The only downside about getting an iPhone XR instead of iPhone XS is the fact that the affordable iPhone features a smaller 6.1-inches display that uses LCD technology instead of OLED. Not just that, but the display also lacks 3D touch and a secondary telephoto camera that iPhone XS ships with.

Is iPhone XR Worth It?

Considering that iPhone XR is much cheaper than iPhone XS and that it delivers similar hardware performances, we think its safe to say that iPhone XR is definitely worth its money. iPhone XR will become a bestselling device and there’s no doubt about that.