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Xender Now Supports Jio Phone Devices


People who love the benefits of having a smartphone in their pocket at all times but hate spending hundreds of dollars on a high-end smartphone can always pick a Jio Phone instead. These smartphones have been created for the sole purpose of giving people an alternative to iPhones and Galaxy S devices that more than often can ship with an expensive price tag.

Jio Phone

Jio Phone devices are affordable and the best thing about them is that they still feature powerful hardware specs and cool features that make them a “must-have”. This is why Jio Phone are the perfect devices for business and also why they are such a consumer favorite product.

Xender Adds Support for Jio Phone

Xender is a popular Android app that makes file sharing easy. Xender is packed with lots of premium features that provide people with all the tools they need in order to share all types of files starting with pictures and ending with fully installed apps.

Guaranteed File Security

What makes Xender stand out from other similar apps that excel at sharing files is the fact that Xender guarantees 100% file security. The data that users share with Xender is never going to be intercepted third-party entities and this is what makes Xender so powerful.

Latest 4.0.0622 APK Update

Since we are talking about Xender and Jio Phone, we need to mention that the app has introduced support for Jio Phone with the latest 4.0.0622 APK update. The tricky part about APK updates is that users need to manually download and install them.

However, Xender users can always check out the official Google Play Store page for the app and get the public version of the app if they don’t feel like searching for a safe website that provides them with reliable APKs.