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iPhones are Now Available with Project Fi (Official)


We reported yesterday that some reliable rumors are saying that Google is looking to open the gates to Project Fi and let Apple’s iPhone come in. Well, it looks like those rumors have proven to be true since Google announced today that iPhone users will indeed get access to the Project Fi service. Nonetheless, today we are going to present readers with everything they need to know about Project Fi.

iPhones are Now Available with Project Fi

For those who are unfamiliar with Project Fi, this is an MVNO service that Google launched three years ago. The service allows smartphones to basically “hop” from network to network in order to provide users with better signal. The great thing about Project Fi is that it uses the networks of the biggest carriers in the US such as Sprint, T-Mobile and so on.

Until now, the service has been available to a handful of Android smartphones manufactured by Google, Motorola and LG. Fortunately, Google is now extending Project Fi’s reach and its allowing iPhones to use the service. Project Fi for iPhones is still being tested right now and it will be made available to the public during the upcoming months.

Affordable Calls/Texts and LTE

The reason why Project Fi is so amazing is that it’s affordable. Google charges only $20 per month for unlimited calls and texts. This is much better than the deal that people can get from network carriers. Not just that, but Google also charges $10 per GB after the user goes over 6GB of LTE.

Even though it might seem like the LTE is a little expensive, this is not the case. Project Fi will be cheap for people who don’t use mobile data that much and it will reach up to $50 for people who rely on mobile data which is significantly cheaper than what network carriers have to offer because they usually charge $150 for similar services.