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Nintendo Switch Breaks ‘Black Friday’ Sales Records


Everyone had doubts when Nintendo announced that it’s planning to launch a hybrid console in 2017. However, Nintendo Switch was successful and the console is now breaking records. The fact that the Switch managed to have success in a market where Xbox and PlayStation have been dominating for such a long time is an impressive feat on its own, however, Switch took it to the next level and broke two records during the Black Friday period.

Nintendo Switch Breaks Sales Records

Nintendo announced that the Switch is now the fastest-selling console in the US for the five day period of the Black Friday event. This is an incredible achievement and it shows us that there is room for more consoles on the US market and not just for Xbox and PlayStation.

The second record that Nintendo’s Switch has broken is having its the best-selling weekend in the US since the console originally launched in 2017. This is great news for Nintendo and we think that the company is now more motivated than ever to launch exclusive titles for Switch.

$250 Million in Five Days

Nintendo’s sales reports show that the company has made $250 million in a short time span of five days. This happened only in the US and Nintendo has generated a much larger profit when we combine the $250 million with sales from other countries.

Competing Against Xbox and PlayStation

The most impressive feat here is that Nintendo is proving that Xbox and PlayStation can be defeated. Game companies seem to believe that the console market is saturated and that they need to focus on creating games for Xbox and PlayStation. Well, it looks like this is false since gamers are more than happy to spend their hard earned money on a new console in order to play Nintendo exclusive titles.