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JBL’s Latest AI-Enabled Earbuds are Apple’s AirPods’ Biggest Competition


It’s a difficult task to compete against Apple and there is no doubt about that. However, this doesn’t mean that tech giants are not going to try. JBL is one of the tech giants that want to dethrone Apple and the way that it is doing that is by releasing powerful gadgets that can replace the Cupertino based tech giant’s products.

The perfect example of this is the latest Tune 220TWS buds. This pair of wireless earbuds are priced exactly at $100 so that they can compete head-on against Apple’s famous AirPods and truth be told, the Tune 220TWS may have what it takes to dethrone the AirPods.

JBL Tune 220TWS

As previously noted, the Tune 220TWS buds are priced at $100. JBL has equipped the buds with a sleek design that comes in eye-catchy colors. However, the design is now what makes this product stand out the most!

Since the Tune 220TWS are wireless buds, the most important feature that they can feature is long battery life and Tune 220TWS does an amazing job of that by providing 16 hours of battery life. This is quite impressive.

JBL Tune 300TWS

If you don’t feel like the brand-new $100 buds are what you are looking for, then you should be pleased to find out that JBL has launched a more premium version called Tune 300TWS. These buds are priced at $150 and they ship with lots of extra features such as IPX5 water-resistance that makes them ideal for workouts.

The in-ear design also makes sure that the Tune 300TWS will not drop out of your ears when doing exercises such as jumping jacks or running. To top it all off, Tune 300TWS ships with support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.