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“Labyrinth of Zangetsu” is a New Japanese Dungeon Crawler Coming Soon to PC and Consoles – Watch Trailer

Credit: Steam

We get it: you might be in your ’30s or ’40s, and you decided that video games aren’t your thing anymore. But at the same time, you also don’t like the idea of being sent to Coventry by some of your friends who are die-hard gamers.

‘Labyrinth of Zangetsu’ might be exactly the kind of game you’re looking for if you decided to settle down with gaming. It’s a Japanese dungeon crawler where advanced graphics are practically non-existent. Developed by ACQUIRE and published by Pqube, ‘Labyrinth of Zangetsu’ has the potential to revive your gaming enthusiasm but also keep you non-addicted.

‘Labyrinth of Zangetsu’ launches on April 20

In just a week, on April 20, the new ‘Labyrinth of Zangetsu’ becomes up for grabs for both PC and consoles. TGG reveals that an official announcement brings the great news: the game will be available for PC gamers via the well-known Steam platform and also for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles.

There’s even a new trailer available to make you used to the game, and the best recommendation is to watch it carefully and when there is complete silence in your room. You need that same silence that you could hear a pin drop!

Feel free to check it out below:

In ‘Labyrinth of Zangetsu,’ the player’s role is to fight against Yokai, meaning creatures inspired by Japanese folklore. The ‘Ink of Ruin’ disaster has devastated the world in this game, and it’s the player’s job to try to improve things in the moonlit city of Ido.

We can surely expect ‘Labyrinth of Zangetsu’ to bear fruit in the gaming industry, especially for the fact that you don’t need a powerful PC to play the game. As long as you can run Windows 10, you’re covered. Or at least that’s what the game’s Steam webpage reveals.