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Last.fm Beta APK Bundle Improves Charts and Navigation

Source: Google Play Store

For plenty of years, last.fm has been one of the favorite apps of those who are in love with music. The software keeps track of all the music you listen to and automatically creates all sorts of stats. In this way, others can see what music you have been listening to lately, what was your most preferred artist in the last month, and many more interesting stats.

The Last.fm Beta APK Bundle is now available to download via APKMirror, and you surely shouldn’t miss it if you’re one of the roughly 21 million users of the app!

Download Last.fm Beta APK Bundle for improved charts and navigation

The new Last.fm Beta APK bundle is available in one single version of download with 3 splits. It brings improvements for both charts and navigation. The new APK bundle was built on the arm64-v8a architecture. The screen dpi is 480dpi.

In order to install the new APK bundle, your device will have to run at least the Android 5 version. Of course, this is just a formal demand, as it’s hard to believe that anybody is still using an even older version of Google’s mobile operating system. Android 5 was released in 2014.

Last.fm is even available as a desktop app that runs directly in the browser, and we can’t decide if it’s better than the Android app or vice versa. All versions of the app offer pretty much the same functionalities.

Last.fm connected many people who are fans of the same musical genres and artists. Users can easily make friends who are interested in the same kind of music, whether we’re talking about classical, jazz, metal, hip-hop, or pretty much anything else.

Millions of people are waiting for you on the last.fm app already, and who knows, maybe you can impress everyone with your tastes in music!