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Microsoft Teams 1416/ APK Improves the System Alerts

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If the recent updates for Microsoft Teams have somehow disappointed you, just hang in there! Microsoft has a lot more in store for its video calling app!

The Microsoft Teams 1416/ APK is now available via APKMirror, and you can feel free to download it in either one of four different variants that are exposed there! The minimum supported version of Google’s operating system for mobile devices that you need in order to download the new APK for Microsoft Teams is Android 6.0. That’s a 7-year-old version of Android, which means that practically anybody should qualify!

You can now expand and collapse system alerts during your meetings

The new Microsoft Teams 1416/ APK allows users of the app to manage the system alerts during meetings in a better way by expanding or collapsing them.

It’s hard to tell if Microsoft Teams is weaker as the mobile version compared to how the app behaves via laptops and desktop computers.

As an Android software, Teams provides a lot of useful functionalities to the user that can get his act together. He can use chat, phone, or channels for communication with others. If he wants to check his schedule or plan something new, there’s always the calendar available.

You can even make your platforms collaborate with one another as soon as you have the Microsoft Teams app installed on each of them. You can use the phone to continue a conversation with someone that you started on the laptop, for instance. There’s also the option to send audio messages in the chat if you don’t like typing on the touchscreen or even on a physical keyboard.

As you’ve already guessed, Microsoft Teams is a cross-platform software. Except for Android and Windows PC, you can also run the app on iPhones, other iOS devices, Mac, and Linux.

Microsoft Teams brings people together and allows them to bring their ideas to life!